Friday, 29 April 2011

a week of busy-ness...

I can't believe how much we have managed to squeeze into the last few days...
We have had so much new stock arrive in time for Mother's Day.
Every time a courier truck pulls up out the front of the shop, I think "here we go again!!"
There's been decorative pieces, pots and plants galore for "Outdoor".
And for our other shop, some of the staff favourites have been hand made spanish glass vases, candles from Palm Beach, phalaenopsis orchids which we've potted into glass vessels with moss, muslin and linen wrapped soaps, and zinc finish storage chests.

We've also had two photo shoots, potted up atriums by the dozens for homewares chain store "Papaya", and been on a buying trip to the country for more pots.

Glass of chardy was enjoyed whilst watching wedding last night...
I loved every minute of it, the pomp and ceremony, the dress, the trees and flowers in the abbey, and the beautiful bride with her dashing prince.

Monday, 25 April 2011

We're on Channel 7...

We are very excited to have been asked to do the flowers on the set of "The Morning Show", on channel 7 this week.
For today, Anzac Day, I used all Australian natives.
The rest of this week the programming will be based around the royal wedding, so I'm planning lots of blousey blooms in pastels.
Thanks for the invitation Channel 7!!!

found treasures...

We had a wander around the markets yesterday at Rozelle and found this very beautiful 1940's meat safe.
It looks amazing after a clean and with a candle inside.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

glittering boxes of beads

I have had time today to get out my boxes of beads...
I have been collecting them for ages, and use them to make necklaces that we sell at Dragonfly.
Beads, fabric scraps and ribbons...I get lost in this world of possibilities for hours!

luggage trunks

These beautiful, old luggage trunks must have such stories to tell...
We found them at a salvage shed in Lucknow, a village just outside Orange.
Their appeal for me is in their sense of originality.
My favoured design style is to mix old and new, pieces that are modern with those that have an aged patina.

A nook in my chicken coop...

We have a "reconditioned/salvaged" chicken coop in our kitchen, a perfect display space for treasues...

Friday, 22 April 2011

orchids in our kitchen...

Having some time off over this easter weekend is so blissful!
Gives me time to contemplate the big how much I love these orchids in our kitchen.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

new website

Much excitement here at Dragonfly headquarters...

Our new website has gone live!!
Same address, new look...
Check it out,

Styling for Rick Stein cooking demo.

Yesterday we did the styling for a cooking demonstration by celebrity chef Rick Stein.
As you would know Rick is known for his mediterranean fare, so that was our inspiration for designing the set...
Think crates (many crates!) of mandarins, lemons, red onions and garlic bulbs, all put in groupings of huge glass vases.
We wrapped vases full of rosemary, thyme and basil in hessian and twine.
We used branches from olive and valencia orange trees, with the fruit attached.
As you can imagine the fragrance was divine!

blogs, blogs, everywhere!

We have been lucky enough to have our launch parties for Dragonfly Outdoor mentioned on some other peoples blogs in the last few days...
Here are some of my favourites....

Sunday, 17 April 2011

a weekend of parties!

We have just had the most fabulous couple of days celebrating the opening of our new shop, Dragonfly Outdoor.
We hosted three parties (why have one when you can have three!!)
I have so many beautiful pics to show...
So many fun stories to tell...
and so many people to write thank you notes to!

The last two days of festive fun have made me so grateful for the collaboration we have formed with our friends Juliet Love and Charlie Albone.
Juliet, a very talented stylist and her company LoveStyle,will be working with Dragonfly to do styling work together.
Charlie and his company Inspired Exteriors specialise in beautiful landscape design. He is seen on Selling Houses Australia on the Lifestyle channel.
Dragonfly Outdoor is the exclusive distributor for Charlie's range of outdoor furniture.

Oh my, the fun to be had by all! Regular updates of our adventures to follow!

Monday, 11 April 2011

apothecary of my favourite things

one of my collecting obseesions is old apothecary jars, perfect for a single stem of a seasonal bloom...

Sunday, 10 April 2011

soggy sunday

our garden courtyard looks so tranquil on a wet sunday afternoon

a weekend of weddings

One of the weddings we did this weekend was using all beautiful full field roses in pastels...Hundreds and hundreds of them!

Saturday, 9 April 2011

a new beginning!

My first BLOG!
I'm going to use this space to showcase all the adventures, discoveries and inspirations that come my way during the busy days at our two shops in Bondi Junction, Dragonfly Floral Design, and Dragonfly Outdoor.
Here's to the start of a whole new world!