Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Cover of Real Living magazine

I still get such a buzz to see our name in print!
For the last few months we have been asked to do flowers for some feature articles in Real Living magazine.
We've also had our flowers used on the last two covers.

Dragonfly featured on "My Kitchen Rules"

I have only just had time this afternoon to check out our flowers featured on the My Kitchen Rules website.
We did them for the dinner party that was cooked at Larry's house.
They're huge big tubs of natives...and they look very beautiful if i do say so myself!

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

boxes, boxes everywhere!

Okay, I can admit it... I'm procrastinating right now.
I'm writing this as a means to avoid the disaster zone that is my office.

I sit here surrounded by mountains of cardboard boxes, those very annoying packaging peanuty-shaped-thingys, and invoices that need to be gone through.
Last week we had a really busy time in the lead up to Mother's Day.
So, I went on a stock ordering frenzy. And, its all arrived at once this afternoon...

We are going to have to have a huge reshuffle to find homes for new wooden trays with rope handles, linen aprons, ceramic soap dishes and cannisters, framed bus scrolls, new fragrances in the palm beach candles and diffusers, metal framed blackboards, to name but a few bits and pieces!


Oh my goodness, there was icicles on my eyelashes this morning as I made my way around the flower market!
This cold weather makes getting up out of a warm bed sooooo hard!
But, there are so many delights to be had once I'm there and rummaging around.
The flowers, foliages and berries at this time of year are very beautiful.

Tulips, hyacinth, peach sticks, miniature kales,privett berry, nerines and stock.
We did oodles of bouquets and posies using combinations of these for Mother's Day last weekend.
We presented them in the most divine french ceramic pitchers, wrapped in cellophane and thick grosgrain ribbon.
Another year, another lot of happy mums! Cheers to that!