Wednesday, 11 May 2011

boxes, boxes everywhere!

Okay, I can admit it... I'm procrastinating right now.
I'm writing this as a means to avoid the disaster zone that is my office.

I sit here surrounded by mountains of cardboard boxes, those very annoying packaging peanuty-shaped-thingys, and invoices that need to be gone through.
Last week we had a really busy time in the lead up to Mother's Day.
So, I went on a stock ordering frenzy. And, its all arrived at once this afternoon...

We are going to have to have a huge reshuffle to find homes for new wooden trays with rope handles, linen aprons, ceramic soap dishes and cannisters, framed bus scrolls, new fragrances in the palm beach candles and diffusers, metal framed blackboards, to name but a few bits and pieces!

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